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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, first of all I am really a completionist. This means that I like to have either the whole theme or no sets from a theme. But as anyone knows the exception proves the rule, therefore I have Temple of Arjitsu as unique set from Ninjago or could also live with the fact to have ships from the Pirates of the Carribean only. But in both cases I am not a big fan of the theme/movie itself. Now I am thinking about selling Lord of the Rings/Hobbit or Harry Potter sets - I have all of them in sealed condition. My problem here is that I like the movies from both themes, although for me the Lord of the Rings was more epic than Harry Potter. Hobbit in opposite is even not such good as Harry Potter was. Regarding the sets of the themes, I have often heard that HP sets are much better than LotR/Hobbit sets, so this is really a dilemma to me how to decide. But the most important thing is that I want to sell them not from investment point of view but just to reduce my amount of sets - 900 at the moment. (But I have still less favourite themes which I would sell for first). What would be your choice knowing my explanations from above: 1. Sell HP only 2. Sell LotR/Hobbit only 3. Sell Hobbit only but keep the Hobbit House due to the fact that this is the most wanted set from the Tolkien's world on BrickLink. 4. Sell them all 5. Keep them all A reason for your decision would be realy fine. Thanks Mauro
  2. Over here in Spain I have seen in most toy stores 6 of the 7 LOTR themed sets. The one that's missing is the Orc Forge. Amazon's got it as an "exclusive" set, is that true?
  3. I just found one Battle at the Black Gate at Target in the Clearance aisle for 30% off ($39.98). After surfing the eBay listings on this one, it appears to be a nice set to part out. Most of them are selling this set parted out like so (with an estimate of eBay's BIN sold auction prices): 1. Black gate by itself (will allow buyer to double the size of the current Black Gate) - $25-30 2. Mouth of Sauron fig w/ horse - $15-$17 3. Gandalf the White fig - $10-11 4. Eagle maxi-fig - $10-14 5. Aragorn fig - $9-11 6. Orc figs (2) - $10 That's between $79-93, not bad for a $40 purchase. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Yet with all these exclusive figs, will it pay to wait on this set until EOL? Let me know your thoughts. I'm leaning toward parting it out - this will give me a chance to build the Black Gate, an added bonus.
  4. According to the link below, we may have a new wave of LOTR to look forward to: Link I will be interested to see pictures of these, but they already sound better than the forthcoming Hobbit sets. I would have hoped for a much larger Minas Tirith set though.
  5. Hello! I want to introduce my build - The Mirror of Galadriel. The set is dedicated to the iconic scene from "The Lord of the Rings" where Lorien queen Galadriel shows hobbits their future, using the magic elven mirror. The set consists of approximately 100 pieces and includes 2 minifigures. I also posted my work on LEGO Ideas, so if anyone like it, he may support it. After acquiring 10000 supports, my work can be released as official LEGO set. The link on my project page: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/85110
  6. Elven Swan Ship

    Hello. New LOTR project. Come support it at - http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/51716 Hope you like it and support it. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/51716 Thanks!
  7. http://www.target.com/p/lego-lord-of-the-rings-the-orc-forge-9476/-/A-14018146#prodSlot=large_1_1&term=9476
  8. Is Battle of Helms Deep worth paying 115 for? Rumors are June for EOL. Just wondering what you guys think.
  9. As the title asks, what LEGO theme have you invested in the most? Let's define "most" as theme you have the most sets of. Here's my personal breakdown: Star Wars - 30 Harry Potter - 10 CM - 7 Lord of the Rings - 5 Hero Factory - 4 Chima - 2 Lone Ranger - 2 City - 2 I'm sure that most of you have larger collections, but let's hear it! You can figure this out by going to your Brickfolio, then to the second pie chart.
  10. I hope I have time to buy this set but I'm just wondering when it will go EOL? The last time I saw it wasn't too long ago at my Target and they were all stocked up on it.
  11. So on a previous post i had shown my recent shopping rampage at wal mart. I was actually thinking of parting out some of these sets, but have mostly changed my mind and decided to just stick with Real Estate Investing Instead of spending time parting these out. So my Lego investment strategy is just buy and hold. Now I have everything stacked and organized and must return many of the items back to the store shelves. Here is the actual break down of what i have at the moment and I was wondering what would you return if you were me. I have had some good mentoring and some good advice and i i understand there are many different opinions on this site. Its just really hard to let go of something if there is value there. I also understand the large sets are regarded more on this site as a proven money makers ( Tower Bridge, Haunted House ) depending on how long you hold them. What im trying to figure out is if there is any value in some of these medium sets. Let me know what you think if you feel like looking at what i have. Also let me know if you think I'm making a mistake at keeping or returning. Thanks. City (Returning All) 1 x 4204 The Mine $70.00 3 x 4203 Excavator Transporter $30.00 4 x 60005 Fire Boat $21.00 12 x 4432 Garbage Truck $13.00 3 x 7288 Mobile Police Unit 30.00 4 x 4439 Heavy Duty Helicopter $35.00 1 x 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter $13.00 Star Wars 2 x 9491 Geonosian Cannon $13.00 (Return) 24 x 75004 Z-5 Headhunter $35.00 (Return) 6 x 9498 Saesee Tiin's Jedi $21.00 (Return) 9 x 9497 Republic Striker Class Starfighter $25.00 (Return) 3 x 9499 Gungan Sub $40.00 ? 2 x 9490 Droid Escape $13.00 (Return) 6 x 9488 Elite Clone Trooper $30.00 (Return) 9 x 9489 Endor $9.00 (Return) 2 x 9493 X Wing $40.00 ? 2 x 9492 Tie Fighter $35.00 ? Lord of the Rings / Hobbit (I almost want to keep all of these)?? 18 x 79002 Attack of the Wargs $35.00 ? 15 x 9496 Gandalf Arrives $9.00 ? 14 x 79000 Riddles For the Ring $7.00 ? 7 x 79001 Escape From Mirkwood Spiders $21.00 ? 1 x 9473 The Mines of Moria $54.00 ? 4 x 9472 Attack On Weathertop $40.00 ? 18 x 79003 Unexpected Gathering $49.00 (Keeping) 1 x 9474 Helm Deep $89.00 (Keeping) 11 x 9471 Uruk-hia Army $21.00 ? (Want to Keep on The Fence) Spiderman / Dc Universe / Batman 10 x 6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham $25.00 ? (Want to Return On Fence) 1 x 76008 Iron Man Ultimate Showdown $8.00 (Return) 11 x 6873 Spider Man's Doc Oc $21.00 ? (Want to Return On Fence) 1 x 76006 Iron Man Extremis $8.00 (Keeping Just Because of Price For Kids) 5 x 6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout $35.00 ? (Want to Keep on The Fence) 3 x 76007 Iron Man Malibu Mansion $17.00 (Keeping Just Because of Price For Kids) 2 x 6860 Batcave $49.00 (Keeping) Chima 3 x 70004 Wakz Pack Tracker $21.00 (Return) 8 x 70006 Cragger Command Ship $54.00 (Return) Hope you like my messy living room
  12. Walmart Deals ??

    I went on a shopping rampage and could use some advice. I probably pulled the trigger on a lot of these sets when most of you guys wouldn't have, and a lot could be losers. I was also thinking of parting out some of them. I can still return them so. There's a lot to look at here... Any way any advice would be appreciated, Thanks.
  13. Here are some reviews for this year's Lord of the Rings sets. A review for The Wizard Battle by CapnRex101 on Brickset. Name: The Wizard Battle Number: 79005 Pieces: 113 Minifigures: 2 Retail: US - $12.99, CAN - $15.99, AUS - $22.99, UK -
  14. I saw this walmart have 20 set 9472 for $40 each. Should I buy them all since they are retired or no?
  15. 9476 - The Orc Forge

    This set seems to be getting more and more scarce at Target (and does not seem like it will ever go on sale). I'm wondering if it is nearing EOL and thinking about just biting the bullet and paying retail for it. I've only seen it at a couple Targets near me lately. Time to buy now despite having to pay MSRP??
  16. Lotr Uruk hai for 22.54 and weather top for 45.89, good idea? The boxes look to be in pretty good condition.
  17. Just picked up the Elrond poly (2nd one), the Lex Luthor poly and a Chase McCain figure for $28.55. I really only wanted the Luthor fig but thought this was a pretty decent deal. Should be able to flip the Elrond figure for another cool fig. Good deal?