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Found 3 results

  1. 76022 - X-Men Vs The Sentinel

    Did anyone notice when looking at the box for this set that it shows Wolverine and Magneto with mask and helmet in one picture, and then both have hair in the other picture, all on the front cover? This leads to me to believe that they will come with headwear AND hair. That is something you don't see very often...or...ever. Has that been done before? I can't think of an example. I think it is a great move though. People love options! As far as investment impact... All I know is, if that artwork is accurate, it could have a reasonable impact on the value of the 6866 Wolverine. I know the costume is different, but if you slap the hair on there, it is very close to being the same figure. I could be dead wrong of course, but my gut says don't wait too long to sell your 6866 Wolvies. Link
  2. X-Men Build

    Just wrapped up a smaller set. I like how you can fit four mini figures inside. Great use of space for a smaller ship. I'm working on the Technic Lego Plane right now, but I'll have to stop half way through because I'm hoping to grab The Lonely Mountain tomorrow morning.
  3. Days of Future Past

    Anyone excited about the new X-Men movie ? This one combines the casts from X-Men First Class with the original X-Men. The preview looks damn good. Seeing Anna Paquin as Rogue again is going to be weird after so many seasons of True Blood But what I want to know more is if there will be new Wolverine or X-Men theme sets in 2014 :D