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Found 5 results

  1. The 3rd San Diego Comic Con 2015 LEGO exclusive set has been revealed! It will be a LEGO Superman set based on the front cover of Joe Shuster’s Action Comics #1 Superman that was released back in June, 1938! The set is labeled for ages 8-14 and contains 145 pieces. Price is $39.99. You will need to first enter into a draw. If you got drawn, you would then be able to purchase the set. How to get the set at SDCC 2015 LEGO SDCC Retail Exclusives: Winning ticket required for purchase You must first enter the drawing by picking up a ticket (see below) and then attendees go to the LEGO booth to redeem their ticket if they have a winning ticket and purchase the set at the LEGO booth. The LEGO booth will be located in Hall D, booth #2829. Ticket Drawing Location: Pavilion Terrace (Upper level outside Sails Pavilion). Attendees must first enter the main Convention Center entrance from the line at the front of the main building. Entry to the LEGO retail drawing at the Sails Pavilion will be from this line. Depending on the crowds, this line may start moving as early as 7:00am until supplies last. Location includes multiple stairs. ADA attendees with mobility issues should go to the lobby B doors and use the glass elevators for access to the Sails Pavilion. They will be let up to the Sails Pavilion at the same time as the rest of the attendees. •Attendee badges onlyOne drawing per person, per day •Handicapped participants are encouraged to utilize official SDCC placeholder •Random drawing is for a chance to get a ticket to purchase at the LEGO Booth •Sets will not be distributed at the Pavilion Terrace Must redeem ticket that day
  2. I recently posted in the "What LEGO set did you build today?" thread about building the Chibi Landspeeder set. Since I was asked about Bricklinking it, and finding the instructions took a few minutes, I thought I'd throw up a post about it. Instructions can be found here from Brickset (PDF). The Bricklink parts list is here. Other than two parts, everything is very common and not particular expensive to get ahold of. There are two parts that are rarer and a little more expensive if you want to put this set together: Luke Skywalker is unique to this set: There is only one US vendor selling at this time, at $25.00. Other figs are available from non-US sources from $15-$19. I opted not to buy Luke, and will just use one of my other Luke's in it's place. The other rare item is Item No: 4150ps4, Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Grille Fine Mesh Pattern. You will need three of them, and they are for the very back end of the model (the back end of the engines). Most Bricklink sellers do not have the quantity you need. The first reasonable one has over 100 in stock, with no minimum buy, used, at a cost of $1.50 each. There are some non-US sources that have them in the right quantity with low minimums, both new and used, between $1 and $1.50.
  3. This limited exclusive will set you back by $40 and far as I can tell the characters here are just a lighter gray than the ones found in the regular sets.
  4. San Diego Comic Con 2015

    Time for a 2015 Comic Con thread. Suppose I should have posted this earlier as a place for news, both Lego and non-Lego. There's been ton of news, so I'll try to get things consolidated here. Please feel free to post things that i miss. There's the SW Lego reveals coming on Saturday. Until then, this the first big piece of news: LEGO Scooby-Doo and LEGO Idea The Big Bang Theory (21302) available at SDCC 2015 I will be there Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I will take some photos. I'm sure there will be plenty online as well. But I'll let you know what I see, and what I might be able to pick up.
  5. 2014 San Diego Comic Con

    Anyone else in line for Comic Con tickets? I'm in the "random" line, waiting to get to the front of the line.