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3107 Smooth vs Rough


glostik    147

I am putting some sets back together from a bulk lot. I am working on set 4886 right now.

Is it possible that there are both 3107 smooth and 3107 rough bricks in it? or should they all be the same?

It has a total of 90 of them, but 60 of them are smooth while 30 are rough. I am pretty sure none of the other sets in this lot use this piece.


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Huskers1236    1,633

I had the same issue with this set when putting it back together from a bulk lot.  It was the only set that had those roof pieces so I knew they were from this set alone.  I would have to assume that different batches came out differently and some were rough while some were smooth.  It is kind of a pain when a piece is so obviously different from another. 

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