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Selling collection

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Selling out mine an my sons collection. 

Have a ton of legos

130 minifigs have list of minifigs
443 plus minifig accessories

Yellow bricks 4lbs
Red bricks 3.5lbs
Wheels 2.5lbs
Dark grey bricks 3.5lbs
White bricks 6.5lbs
Black bricks 6.5lbs
Light grey bricks 4.5lbs
Blue bricks 4.5lbs
Glass 1.5lbs
Sand bricks 1.5lbs
Green bricks 1.5lbs
Dark tan bricks .5lbs
Dark brown bricks .5lbs
Brown bricks 1.5lbs
Printed/ sticker bricks 2lbs
Plants .5lbs
Old grey bricks .5lbs
Special bricks 6lbs
100 piece new orange
5 piece light pick
39 piece dark pink
25 piece old orange
121 piece lime green
31 piece purple
122 piece burgundy
134 piece gold
48 piece dark green
30 piece silver
53 piece sky blue
50 piece navy blue
28 piece chocolate
21 piece tan
9 piece dark tan

Base plates , Boat hull, motorcycles, bat boat, an other items not listed.

Price for it all is $900.00 

Can split up the minifigs from the collection .









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$5 a pound is normal for bulk bricks. Sorted by color maybe you could get $10 a pound (my best guess.)

Sell the bulk colors individually to maximize profit.

Those City minifigs are worth $1-$2 each. I would use Bricklink to see what your more valuable minifigs are worth and sell them individually or in groups on eBay. Take the BL price and add 30%+ to get to the eBay price.

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