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Lego Investing: Basic Parting Out - What to Think About

Have you ever thought about opening a Lego set and selling the figures and bricks separately? Find out if you can profitably part out a Lego with basic tips and how to information. Brook Johnson uses Ahch-To Island Training, set 75200 as an example.

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User Feedback

I bought the Lego Classic Batcave 76052 and was parting that out. Sold all the minifigures, batcycle, and batcopter but having trouble selling the batmobile and batcave. That Batman from the set easily sells for $30+. The set has the 

1. Cave

2. Batmobile

3. Batcycle

4. Batcopter

5. 9 minifigures 

So a total of 13 things to sell.

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