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Lego Review - NINJAGO docks 70657 - Comparison, Size, and Value

Brook Johnson reviews the Lego NINJAGO Docks (70657) design and layout. But most importantly, how many Ninja ships can really dock (7:20) and is it the best US$230 you can spend (12:03)? The video is a little long so here are some shortcuts: Value stats (9:28) Value discussion (12:03) A better way to spend your money (13:09) Medieval Market Village comparison (14:27) Assembly Square comparison (15:45) Long term value discussion (17:37)


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Another excellent video, thank you.  However, after the editing cut @ 17:35 the sound was about 10 seconds ahead of the video. As long as I wasn't looking at your face, it wasn't much of a problem.  This is just a heads up.  Again, thx for all your videos.  They are a great help.

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absolutely cudos to both above mentioned comments.. any idea why Ninjago City is 16+ and Docks just 12+ ? I dont see that much difference in building techniques.

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