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Lego 71042 Review: Does the Silent Mary Pirate Ship Have Long Term Resale Value?

Brook Johnson reviews the build of the Lego Silent Mary in stop motion and compares it to the Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge Lego ships. Will the Silent Mary appreciate as well as the other 2 pirate ships? Let's find out.

User Feedback

Finally ordered mine! I knew this one would be good because 

1. The Black Pearl did well

2. The Queen Ann'es Revenge did well

3. Ships ALWAYS do well

4. Strong theme

5. Only set from the movie(Not counting brickheadz), this makes all minifigures rare

6. The set is from a movie and therefore has a 0.01 percent chance of being remade.

Those were just my thoughts when I saw the set being released, LOVE all your videos. I check EVERY single day(Typically three times a day) to see if you post one. 

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